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Draplin Design Co.

DDC-007 "Build Something Carpenter Pencil"

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From the man himself:
So, we bought this house couple years back. We had big plans. We were gonna add on a “new addition” “off the back.” We were going to build a “mini ramp” in the back yard. We had plans for a “sprawling deck.” So far, the burliest thing we’ve used this fucker for is marking where to cut some bathroom moulding. But, don’t use our lackluster performance as an example, dig deep, buy some wood, get to work, measure some shit up and maybe cut a finger off in the process.

01. Real wood.
02. “Gary Nose” Black stamped into “DDC Heritage” Yellow.
03. “Way White” White stamped into “DDC Northlock” Orange.
04. Over 50 miles of “mark making” in every unit.
05. Long and smooth, like Gary was.
06. “Site ready” for many honest trades.
07. Interesting angled edges for lockdown grip.
08. Proudly manufactured and printed in the U.S.A.!
09. A real hit among the “home renovation” set.