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Draplin Design Co.

DDC-027 "Pencil of a Mechanical Nature"

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From the man himself:
Back when I was in high school I went the “Vo-Tech Way”and shimmied out of the normal hum-drum. I was in the “Computer Aided Drafting” program. Lots of top-side-bottom drawing, some architectural rendering and a whole bunch of computer aided drafting. I loved it. It was precision-based and we were learning a trade. Plus, it was a profitable direction, when comparing our trade against the “small engine repair” guys down the hall. Mean bastards.

Anyway, I had an instructor by the name of Mr. Greene. One semester he made exactly the same pencil, and handed them out to all of his students. On the pencil had the message, “Believe in yourself!”

I remember thinking that was the coolest thing, and how he was talking to us as adults and not these litle piss ant students. Thanks, Mr. Greene.

01. Special push-top action advances the lead real precise and stuff.
02. “.7mm” lead.
03. Comes with a removable eraser.
04. Comes with three leads to get you writing, drawing and sketching.
05. Special metal clip good for securing itself in a pocket or pocket protector.