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Draplin Design Co.

DDC-029 "Super Highlighter"

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From the man himself:
Remember when highlighters came on the scene? We do. Long time ago, right? Back when I was just a little shit. I’d highlight the margins, or color in whatever creature I was drawing, but mainly, highlighting things that had nothing to do with my academic career. The same sort of deal could be parlayed with this item. Or maybe not. Maybe you actually pay attention and take notes, and read the assigned chapters, and feel the need to highlight a passage along the way for future, persnickety reference. Then this is the product for you, bookworm. See, we got you covered (…in orange ink!).

01. The “liquid ink supply” shows through the clear barrel, just so you know where you are at with this thing after lots of use.
02. Odorless ink with a quick drying time.
03. Chisel tip precision that allows for both fine and meaty coverage, whatever yer need at the time, man.
04. At a mere five-and-a-half inches long, this items fits in nicely with any office supply collection.