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Draplin Design Co.

DDC-038 "Cuspid Cleaner"

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From the man himself:

For selling you guys on this one, I’ll just stick to the facts: It’s a simple toothbrush that’s orange as hell. With black bristles. That’s pretty much it. And man, they work real good. I’ve been scrubbing my cuspids with one for a month now, and man, my grill has never shone so bright. Real crowd pleaser.

The “black bristles” thing was strategic, albeit kind of weird. In all honesty, this brush feels like the kind of thing you should be scrubbing shoe polish onto yer dress shoes with. We’re still uneasy about this for whatever reason. Imagine putting a dollop of shoe shine grease onto this brush, and going to work on yer fangs? Something like that.

Dentally speaking: “Yer teeth need one of these.” You owe it to that big, tooth smile of yers.

Here’s an idea for ya: Buy two and use one for the home unit, and one for rough nights in skeezy hotels.

01. Accepts all types of toothpaste.
02. “Shoe Polish Black” imprint on “DDC Factory Floor Orange” plastic brush.
03. One size fits most mouths.
04. Weird black bristles.
05. Smooth orange plastic.
06. Ships “Hermetically Sealed.”.
07. Much like our “Hair Organizer,” this one looks great in a medicine chest. Or in yer mouth.
08. Easy to use.
09. Handy hole on bottom end, for hanging on a nail.
10. Fits in a toiletry bag with ease. Six inches, to be exact.
11. Get real toothy with this fucking thing.
12. Doubles a “dashboard detailer” for that sweet whip in yer driveway.
13. Proudly “Made in the U.S.A.”