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Draplin Design Co.

DDC-148 "DDC Campfire Cup"

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From the man himself:
These are the real deal, people. And the credit goes to Leigh McKolay on this one. She’s the one who reached out to Emalco. She’s the one who poked me in the ribs to get some art going. She the one who followed the order through. So I have to give it to her. Thanks, lady. Way to light a fire under our ass here in the states, and in a kiln in Poland.

Our families are Polish, and I grew up on Polish dinner ware. Mom has a beautiful set. The blue and white stuff, right? So nice. So to be able to make these? It’s an honor. Polish blood beats in this cold, dead heart. Dad and Gramma Josie would be proud.

01. As orange as we could we make them!
02. Durable porcelain. That stuff is baked in!
03. Good for coffee, tea, broth, water, juice, milk, ale, wine, booze, or that last pull from some river, as you lay dying from the elements.
04. 3” tall, with a 3-3/4” diameter.
05. Proudly manufactured in Poland by our friends at Emalco Enamelware!