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Quarter Horse Coffee

Peru Coffee Brew Bags (Cup of Excellence)

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Box of 10 Compostable Coffee Steeping Bags.

About the bags

Try our brand new coffee brew bags! If you're looking for coffee on the go, with no brewing methods required or frills attached, than our steeping bags are for you! These small but mighty coffee bags are fully biodegradable, alongside our fully recyclable packaging.

About the Producer

Don Saul is the first generation of coffee from his family, the previous one was a professor in the province of Cutervo where he met his wife and decided to emigrate to the San Francisco District of Huabal. Here, with his wife and three children, they have 4 hectares of the yellow caturra, and this year, is planning to renew one hectare with the Geisha variety whilst continuing to improve the quality of coffee.

This coffee is a natural process with which has a selective harvest of only mature grains, and has a fermentation of 14 hours aerobically and has a slow drying for 30 days. We’re proud to continue to work with Don Saul and bring you this award
winning lot!