Liam Wong

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‘Photography has taken me out of my comfort zone, led me around the world, connected me with people, opportunities and helped unlock creativity within me that I never knew existed,’ so describes one of the youngest ever videogame art director’s new-found passion. Born in Edinburgh, educated in computer arts at Dundee’s University of Abertay (a cauldron of videogame talent), transplanted to Canada to work at Ubisoft at the age of 25, Liam Wong was always destined to produce eye-catching work of substance and originality. His videogame work took him for the first time to Tokyo, where he discovered the ethereality of floating worlds and lurid allure of its nocturnal scenes. ‘I got lost in the beauty of Tokyo at night,’ he explains.

When an opportunity to take a break from his design work presented itself, he picked up his camera and headed to Japan in 2015. Through the combination of self-taught camera work, the influence of creative masters such as Syd Mead and Hideo Kojima, his videogame designer’s eye and the development of his own software techniques, he created images that render Tokyo’s particular nightlife in a surreal form all his own.

His visions have earned him global attention from international news outlets, and legions of fans across social media, the videogame world, photographers and designers alike. TO:KY:OO captures a unique body of work by a uniquely talented artist and designer.

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