Oliver Jeffers Collection

Oliver Jeffers Collection

Internationally renowned artist and author Oliver Jeffers joined us as a speaker for BDF 2023, bringing some exclusive merch with him.


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Begin Again (pre-order)Begin Again (pre-order)
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Oliver Jeffers 'Draw Pictures Not Conclusions' SweatshirtOliver Jeffers 'Draw Pictures Not Conclusions' Sweatshirt
Oliver Jeffers Pencil T-ShirtOliver Jeffers Pencil T-Shirt
Oliver Jeffers Pin BadgeOliver Jeffers Pin Badge
Oliver Jeffers Tote BagOliver Jeffers Tote Bag
Oliver Jeffers: The Working Mind and Drawing HandOliver Jeffers: The Working Mind and Drawing Hand
The Boy: His Stories and How They Came to beThe Boy: His Stories and How They Came to be
Here We AreHere We Are
Harper Collins
Here We Are Sale price$17.00
What We’ll BuildWhat We’ll Build
There's a Ghost in this houseThere's a Ghost in this house
Meanwhile Back on EarthMeanwhile Back on Earth
The Great Paper CaperThe Great Paper Caper
The Incredible Book Eating BoyThe Incredible Book Eating Boy
Harper Collins
Stuck Sale price$8.00
This Moose Belongs to Me
How To Catch a StarHow To Catch a Star
Lost and FoundLost and Found
The Way Back HomeThe Way Back Home
Up and DownUp and Down
Once There Was a Boy...Once There Was a Boy...
The Heart and the BottleThe Heart and the Bottle
The Fate of FaustoThe Fate of Fausto
Imaginary FredImaginary Fred
An Alphabet of StoriesAn Alphabet of Stories