1 Shilling: The football programme design revolution of 1965-85

Matthew Caldwell

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1 Shilling breaks new ground as it digs deep into the rich history of an astonishing era of football programme design, uncovering the stories of their remarkable creators.

The book features stunning programme designs from more than 40 British Football League clubs. It’s a visual treat transporting us back to a time when a new generation of designers had burst on the scene fresh out of art school, and off the football terraces. They wielded a new visual language – creating covers and layouts which rebelled against club's chairmen, with typefaces sampled from the album sleeves of their favourite bands.

1 Shilling has tracked down these long-forgotten paradigm shifters, so for the first time we hear their story, both in their own words and through interviews with their families and colleagues. It’s a tale of passionate football fans designing for fellow supporters - but unlike the fashion or music industries - the names behind the artworks for the trusty, pocket-money priced, football programme were often uncredited or ignored. Until now.

1 Shilling champions these unheralded artists, finally cementing their deserved place in design history.

Spread across 200 pages, 20,000 words, 100 images and 11 chapters, 1 Shilling takes you on a nostalgic journey into the archives of football programme design

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