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I Choose & Birmingham Design

Battle of the Badges – Raging Bull

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Also available: Kong individual pins and Raging Bull & Kong Combo pack

Summertime and the livin was easy. Remember it? Medals as far as the eye could see, balmy temperatures from dawn until dusk and a buzz in Brum unlike anything we have ever experienced before. A togetherness.

And just when we thought that the return of Kong would be the memorable moment of the season, out came a colossal Raging Bull at the Opening Ceremony. A city-wide "BLOOOOODY HELL" was heard as far away as Rugeley. Pretty soon the pair became more photographed than Brangelina with major duelling experts speculating which beastly titan would win were it to come to fisticuffs. Daft, daft days.

To mark a summer we will always remember and two new city icons, I Choose Birmingham has teamed up with Birmingham Design Festival crew — you can probably guess how we've split the workload — to produce two limited run badges.