Creative Review: Winter 2023

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Creative Review has been bringing the creative community together since 1980. It delivers the sharpest opinion, analysis and advice on life in the creative industries, with a focus on insight, leadership, process and inspiration.

In this issue:

The Winter 2023 issue of Creative Review brings together profiles on 11 creatives who are rising up in the worlds of design, advertising, photography, illustration, and beyond, plus has advice and reflections about access to the industry.

For the Winter issue of Creative Review, we turn our attention to new talent, with the aim of seeking out some of the individuals that will be shaping the creative industries and brands in the years to come.

This issue puts the spotlight on 11 creatives who are emerging in the commercial creative industries, from photography and illustration to graphic design and advertising. It’s impossible not to be wowed by the breadth of skills they display, with many of them having already created work for big-name artists or clients, on top of dealing with everything from AI to ethics.

There are many roads into the creative industries, but as always, this can be improved upon to widen the chances for those who may feel it is not a world for them. The issue features advice from agencies on how to find the talent of the future, and a personal story about an internship – paid, that is – that changed one producer’s life.

The talent we speak to in the issue also share stories of the challenges they have overcome, as well as examples of great initiative and skill, which they used to make their mark.

The creatives profiled are bursting with fresh ideas and perspectives, and we can’t wait to see what else the future will hold for them and how they will change the industry.