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Quarter Horse Coffee

Dark Horse Espresso – 250g

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50% Costa Rica Don Claudio
50% Brazil Fazenda do Retiro


Brown Sugar, Orange & Dried Fruit

About the Components

Quarter Hourse house espresso blend changes components seasonally. Their goal is to make an espresso that is firstly a building block for a wonderful milk based espresso beverage, as well as interesting and complex on its own.

Don Claudio is produced in the surrounding hills of the Chirripó Mountain, the highest in Costa Rica, where the soil is rich, and the rainfall abundant. The ripe coffee cherries are picked and dried without removing the fruit skin or pulp, before being milled. This takes time, but the rewards are vibrant, stone-fruit rich and floral tasting coffees.

Fazenda de Retiro is a Yellow Topazio varietal which underwent Pulped Natural processing. The variety offers high productivity and even cherry maturation, and is especially well-suited for the climate of Minas Gerais state. Coffee producer Marta de Paula Borges owns and operates two coffee farms in the Cerrado Mineiro region of Brazil, Fazenda do Retiro and Esmeril Chapadão de Ferro.