DDC-198 "Stuff Pouch"

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Colour: Black Death

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From the man himself:
Let me tell you how this is how a piece of merch happened. Hot on Spring 2017 book tour, we did a show in Eau Claires, Wisconsin, right downtown at Volume One. After the STANDING ROOM ONLY gig, we headed across the street to the incredible Oxbow Hotel to spin some records, shoot the shit and eventually bed down for the night. Incredible place! Anyhoo, a little bit after we make our way over, a guy comes up to me and hands me a pencil case and introduces himself. This would be one Rob Thoreson from the might M. A. Apparel & Promotions, Inc. over in Minnetonka. He and his lady had drove all the way to Eau Claires to see the show!

So anyway he hands me the most amazing pencil case. And he’s got the color on lock, the orange zipper and the inner print going. I’m blown away. We shake hands on it and get an order going. Just like that. And that’s what you are seeing here! The DDC Brand “Stuff Pouch” will hold all yer stuff. Or else.

Thanks, Rob!

01. Handcrafted with durable canvas.
02. 9” wide and 4” tall. Lots of room for all your stuff.
03. Comes in “Dune Climbs” and “Black Death” canvas colors.
04. Bombproof orange zipper!
05. Holds cords, pencils, pens, Field Notes, stuff, things, bric and brac.
06. Manufactured by Rob Thoreson at M. A. Apparel & Promotions, Inc.
07. Proudly made in the U.S.A., in Texas, of all places!