DDC-199 "Creepy Zipper Pouch"

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Colour: Maroon Vinyl

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From the man himself:
My first job was at a pizza place. Worked there all through high school. Worked my way up, too. From dishwasher to pizza line to opening/closing the store and ultimately, delivering pizza.

I loved delivering pizza. To this day, still my very favorite job. You could listen to tunes, cruise the gut, invent shortcuts and hell if those tips didn’t add up! These were the salad days. Or say someone wasn’t answering a door or it was a prank order? You’d find a payphone to call in to see what to do next? Once the order was cancelled, you could drive back and enjoy a couple slices. Doesn’t get much better.

And of course, there was a creepy vinyl bank deposit zipper pouch bag thing attached to the side the whole night. That had your nightly bank. You watched that thing like a hawk. It had your order slips, your cash to make change with and coupons to sprinkle on cool customers. This is when CASH WAS KING. Debit cards? This was 1991, goddammit. Not yet, not yet. So in the spirit of my high school pizza job, we had to make a creepy zipper pouch. Had to. I lived and died by those things.

And fuck, these pouches RULE.

If this graphic design stuff goes to shit, I’m going back delivering pizza again. Had everything I needed.

01. Handcrafted with creepy vinyl and laminated nylon.
02. 10-1/2” wide and 5-1/4” tall.
03. Comes in “Maroon Vinyl”, “Green Vinyl”, “Blue Vinyl”, “Red Vinyl”, “Yellow Laminated Nylon” and “Navy Laminated Nylon” colors.
04. Bombproof black zipper!
05. Holds loot, bank deposits, checks, precious documents, tools, gear, cords, pencils, pens, Field Notes, stuff, things, bric, brac and PIZZA DELIVERY SLIPS.
06. Manufactured by Rob Thoreson at M. A. Apparel & Promotions, Inc.
07. Proudly made in the U.S.A.