Malika Favre (Expanded Edition)

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Malika Favre is one of the world’s most celebrated illustrators, known for her stunningly simple work, often utilising a handful of perfectly refined vector shapes to convey her subject matter.

Whether working as a commercial illustrator in advertising, editorial or publishing, or as an artist creating personal pieces, Malika’s artwork is imbued with both an iconic sense of style and underlying meaning.

Her images often tweak the intellect, sometimes through the minimal forms she creates and the way they flow into one another; while in others she conjures up optical illusions with repeating lines and patterns.

This revised and expanded edition of her revealing monograph tells the story of an authentic artist, one who’s stunning output showcases a unique talent attuned to spotting and appreciating the beauty in the simplest things.

Design: Counter-Print
Size: 235x295mm
Pages: 264
Publication: Third Edition 2022
Binding: Casebound book with die-cut cover
ISBN: 978-1-8381865-8-6

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