Pencil Sharpener

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Introducing the HMM Pencil Sharpener, a classic and practical addition to your workspace. Crafted with a matte black finish and natural walnut wood, this pencil sharpener and holder sit neatly on your desk, making your workspace more efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

With the Pencil Sharpener, you no longer have to search for scattered pencils in your drawers or on your desk. The pencil is easily accessible and visible at all times, allowing you to stay in the creative flow. Additionally, the sharpener's angle has been optimized to reduce waste and prolong the pencil's lifespan.

The aluminum base is anodized with a black finish, which can store pencil shavings, and features a built-in brass mechanism. The warm-toned walnut cover is magnetically attached to the brass mechanism, preventing accidental spills. With a diameter of approximately 6cm, cleaning the pencil shavings is easy. Embrace the simplicity and intuition of pencil writing with the HMM Pencil Sharpener.