DDC-297 "Stay Sharp!" Pencil Sharpener

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From the man himself:

Over a decade ago I made a little Field Notes pencil sharpener. It was white with a olive imprint of the Field Notes wordmark logo. Simple plastic. I blasted through the couple hundred I had, and went back to re-order them, and they were discontinued or some shit. Which was kind of confusing. The world doesn’t need plastic pencil sharpener, suddenly? So I went searching, hitting up all the usual suspect promo sources, and got doors slammed in my face over and over. So I gave up, a bit defeated.
Some months ago I was lurking around the dark corner of eBay, and came across some government surplus pencil sharpeners at a helluva price. I dropped in a shitwhack of them, got them out to Portland, then went and found a local pad printer to hit them a couple times with a little DDC ink. Of course, I wish I could’ve found them in orange, but yellow was the next best color.

They turned out great! I mean, it’s a pencil sharpener, y’know? And that’s nothing to write home about. But you can’t write home without a sharp pencil.

01. Simple, plastic pencil sharpener.
02. The product of a lucky eBay search!
03. Yellow. But the good kind.
04. 0.625” wide x 1.00” long x 3.75” tall in dimension.
05. Manufactured by some government vendor, somewhere. Who knows. And we’re betting, made in the U.S.A., like all the other government surplus stuff.