Pressing Matters: Issue #22

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Made by printmakers for printmakers.

Pressing Matters speaks to artists about their creative processes and passion for print. Expect inky fingers, creative workspaces, sketchbooks and prints made using all kinds of techniques and mediums.

In this issue:

With spring in the air, I guess it makes sense that there’s a strong theme of nature in this edition. Whether it’s the landscapes and the animals that live in them, or imagined mountain ranges, nature has long sung its siren call to printmakers.

And boy do they respond! Our featured makers have a knack of seeing the world through their own unique lens and, in turn, find ways to create works of art that speak of them and their surroundings. Where some focus on the shadows, others let the light in. Some have gone even further in their relationship with nature, looking towards the Earth’s resources to create their own inks and pigments – leading to an even greater connection between their work and the world we all live in.

Featured Artists/Studios:
Emma Bond • Hattie Clark • Luisella Cresto • Clare Curtis Iona DeSouza • Amy Elizabeth • Jenny Gunning • Angela Harding Simon Heusser • Issue 22 Print Challenge • Kari Kristensen • Dan Mather Amanda Michelle • Elsa Ohana • Ilaria Reposo • Karen Revis • Nomi Silverman • Jacqui Symons • Felicity Warbrick

100 page perfect bound publication, printed by Buxton Press on Edixion Offset paper.